Gender Mainstreaming Leadership Trajectory (GMLT) project

Gender is a crucial component of the discourse on development worldwide. Gender equality is increasingly being considered as an undeniable human right. NGO sector in Bangladesh has also undertaken many different initiatives to gender equality and HASAB is also playing the same role in this regard. Recently HASAB is awarded a project from Oxfam Novib to carry out the activities among staff members at the office and with the partners.

Primary Participants:
HASAB board, senior management and all staff members of HASAB.

Project Period:
Oct 2011 to March 2013

Make all policies, program, project and actions of the organization gender responsive.

Build knowledge and capacity of all staff of the organization on gender issues.

Promote gender sensitive practices in the organization

Oxfam Novib

Partner Organization:
3 partner organizations: Ad-din Welfare Center, Young Power in Social Action (YPSA) and Association for Community Development (ACD).

Implementation Location/coverage
HASAB head office, Dhaka.

Current Feature:
Orientation on Gender Issues with senior Management and EC member, concepts and definitions of gender-based violence, gender based violence a human rights violation, reviewing JD and staff appraisal through gender lance, gender budgeting for finance, account and program people, Develop Gender Monitoring tool, meeting with gender based organizations, Lesson learnt Sharing.

Important News
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