Community Action for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Policies in Asia

It is a collaborative project lead by International HIV/AIDS Alliance and implemented by Health Institute for Mother and Child (MAMTA) and Social Awareness Service Organisation (SASO) in India, HIV/AIDS and STD Alliance Bangladesh (HASAB) in Bangladesh and technical guidance provided by India HIV/AIDS Alliance funded by European Commission.The project is regional in focus in which primary activities will take place in India and Bangladesh, with a view to initiate the development of broader regional linkages with other country initiatives and groups in the Asia region. Under this project, HASAB is assigned to implement the activities in the central administration district in each of the four Divisions of the country-Dhaka, Sylhet Rajshahi and Khulna, with a view to improve the sexual and reproductive health and rights amongst adolescents and young people, especially those from the most vulnerable and marginalized groups.

Primary Participants:
10-24 ages Young People. Civil Society Organizations and youth groups/networks. Secondary target groups include government officials and decision-makers, healthcare providers, parents, religious leaders, and other individuals whose actions impact on adolescent SRH with a particular focus on those drawn from vulnerable communities such as young people living with HIV, young women, injecting drug users (IDUs) and men who have sex with men (MSM).

Overall Objectives:
To improve the sexual and reproductive health and rights amongst/ for adolescents and young people, especially those from the most vulnerable and marginalized groups in South Asia

Project Period:
January 2010 January 2013.

Specific objective:
To strengthen and empower youth groups/ networks to advocate for young people's participation in sexual and reproductive health(SRH) programming and policy processes, through meaningful participation, knowledge sharing and dialogue with decision-makers, resulting in greater access to comprehensive SRH education and services, especially by youth from vulnerable and marginalized communities. (The sector is STD control including HIV/AIDS).

European Commission (EC)

Implementation Location:
ACLAB is located in Dhaka Division (central Bangladesh), RWDO is located in Sylhet Division (in the north-eastern area of the country), ACD is located in Rajshahi Division (in the north-west)- and KMSS is located in Khulna Division (in the south-west).

Major Activities:
Knowledge enhancing, Capacity Building on Advocacy and Leadership & Awareness Raising and Campaign on SRHR.

Important News
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