Pop Culture with a Purpose: Edutainment-Violence Against Women (PCwaP:Edu-VAW)

Pop Culture with a Purpose: Edutainment-Violence Against Women (PCwaP:Edu-VAW) is a multicounty project that is being implemented in eleven (11) countries, including Bangladesh, across Asia and Africa with particularly high levels of violence against women and a prevailing discourse that normalizes violence against women & girls. In Bangladesh, the project has been implemented as a pilot project by BRAC, HASAB, WE CAN and RUPATOR with the technical support of OXFAM and Breakthrough (India).

Target Population :
10 secondary schools & their catchment areas in Khulna Sadar Sub-district. To reach the objective, the project targeted to work with Teachers & SMC members, Parents, Community people, Students and Media performers.

Project Period:
March, 2013 to February, 2015

To contribute to the reduction of the incidence Sexual Harassment by challenging existing gender norms, values and attitudes that perpetuate violence against women.


Working Area:
Khulna Sadar Sub-district

Project strategy:
The key strategy of the project is called Edutainment (Education Entertainment), a proven approach that combines mass communication of positive and locally-specific content with community mobilization. Through edutainment strategy, the project has engaged mass audiences, particularly youth and women, through the power of attractive, persuasive and cutting edge media, popular culture and arts, and combines those with on the ground and virtual community education and mobilization. Both the traditional cultural elements like pot songs, street theatre shows has been merged together with modern cultural elements like TVC, soap series have been effectively combined and merged together through the edutainment approach to change the gender norms and values of mass population.


Developed BCC Material

Case Study Book

Base Line Survey

Situation Analysis



Important News
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