HASAB is the only Indigenous organization in HIV/AIDS field

HASAB is the only Indigenous organization in HIV/AIDS field in Bangladesh which has long working experience in the field of HIV/AIDS and STI prevention and control programs, in partnership with local community-based NGOs/CBOs /FBOs.

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Its another uniqueness is its trifurcated approach of work which has over arching benefits for combating HIV/AIDS as it works like umbrella NGO for accessing resources and capacity building for community responses to HIV/AIDS, does direct implementation for innovative demonstration project, does operation research on HIV/AIDS and also work as Center of Excellence for specialized area on HIV/AIDS with its Training, Information & Communication center.

Over the years, it has gained positive reputation and confidence within the country for Grant management and Capacity Building of NGOs and has also developed similar confidence in working closely with donors, civil society and other developmental NGOs, MOH & SW (Ministry of Health & Social Welfare) and different stakeholders.

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