buy prozac. Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) in Bangladesh (DOEL Campaign)

This program aims to contribute towards adolescents in Bangladesh have adequate skills and information to exercise their sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and make free and informed decisions in an enabling and safe environment, so that they suffer less from major sexual and reproductive health hazards. It is targeted to both parents and adolescents, and concentrates on making it possible for adolescents to timely access the right SRHR information and develop the corresponding life skills, and gradually break down the wall of silence that causes so much trauma and mother and child deaths.

Primary Participants:
Parents of adolescents, Prominent Media, A selection of politicians, 11-19 years Adolescents in NGO schools and progressive secondary community schools, Out-of-school adolescents.

lexapro vs generic escitalopram, generic viagra safety. Project Period:
3 Year with initially 3 years project. (Starting from July 2012 ongoing).

Goal: cheap baclofen.
To contribute to the significant reduction of the number of adolescents suffering from avoidable maternal deaths and the prevention of other major sexual and reproductive health hazards, as under the adolescents the acceptance of contraception increases, pregnancies are delayed and maternal mortality decreases

The overall objective of this campaign-based programme is to contribute to a significant reduction of the number of adolescent girls experiencing unwanted pregnancies, unsafe abortion, early marriages and maternal death, and the prevention of unsafe sexual behavior, HIV, STIi??s amongst boys and girls, in target zone of Bangladesh


Partner Organization:
5 partner organizations: HASAB, BRAC, CAMPE, FPAB & BNPS (Collaborative Partners)

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The major activities are divided in to two parts one is Peer Education and other is ICT application. Main task for Peer Education is to create linking and learning platform for peer educator. Several activities are planned such as Training Events, Launching Events, Weekly meeting, and Quarterly meeting. Main task for ICT applications are develop Infrastructure for SMS, MMS, Voice Call services. And generate song, ringtone, quiz, games. Maintain a page for Facebook and Twitter also.