Research is one of the core areas of HASAB’s development efforts. HASAB spent a significant time in conducting need based research for strengthening project activities and developing sound strategic directions so that projects can run in a right path. HASAB is much resourceful organization in HIV/AIDS field due to its research based findings and continuous contribution in creating and finding potential information for the users. HASAB conducted following research till to date:Ai??

1.Ai??Ai?? Baseline survey of HAPP – Internal Migrant Package: ” Are the internal migrants at the risks of HIV/AIDS?” (2004-05)

2.Ai??Ai?? Baseline survey of “Promoting Rights of Extreme Socially Excluded People (PRESEP)” (2004-05)

lloyds pharmacy discounts codes. 3.Ai??Ai?? Organizational Capacity Assessment of seven marginalized population underAi?? PRESEP project (2004-05)

4.Ai??Ai?? Assessing community vulnerability to HIV/AIDS and STI in Lalmonirhat and Kurigram (April-May 2003)-In partnership with RDRS.Ai??Ai??Ai??

5.Ai??Ai?? Assessment of a peer education model of HIV/AIDS prevention among garments workers (2003): To identify good practices of the PSKP demonstration project-In partnership with South-South Centre.

6.Ai??Ai?? Assessment of HIV/AIDS Intervention among MSM: To identify good practices from the experiences of ODPUP (2003) – In partnership with South-South Centre.

7.Ai??Ai?? An assessment of migrant workers vulnerability to HIV/AIDS (Aug-Nov 2002): In partnership with RMMRU

8.Ai??Ai?? A situation analysis on stock-taking of IDUs (Oct-Nov 2002) search,http,dermapost,pyas,where,….

9.Ai??Ai?? Mapping and situation analysis of the floating sex workers Jun-Aug 2002)

10. National assessment of situation analysis and Responses to Opioid/Opiate use in Bangladesh (NSAROB) (Apr-Jun 2002)- In partnership with FHI, CARE

11. Situation Analysis of male to male sexuality and sexual health in Rajshahi, Natore and Iswardi (2002)-In partnership with ODPUP

12. National database on STI/HIV/AIDS in Bangladesh (1999)-In partnership with UNDP

13. An assessment of the harm reduction intervention among IDUs (1999)-In partnership with SHEASS.

14. Assessing sexual health needs for HIV Intervention: A participatory approach with Hotel and Restaurant Workers in Sylhet (1998)-In partnership with SJA nexium 18 dollars a month, lipitor 20 mg sold in usa.

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