Who we are

elocon buy online, buying adderall. Since HASAB’s inception in 1994 as a linking organization of International HIV/AIDS Alliance, UK (which became an independent national NGO through registration with NGO AB vide Reg. No.1305, dated 01 November 1998) to response the community needs on HIV/AIDS prevention and care programs in Bangladesh played an intermediary umbrella NGO role to support and capacity development of Grass route NGOs/CBOs in their organizational/institutional development, technical and managerial capacity building on HIV/AIDS and other health related programs


Though HASAB started as HIV & AIDS Focused organization, it intends to widen its scope of work through responding other health & social inequalities, different development agendas as well. HASAB tries to shift from stand-alone HIV/AIDS intervention to a comprehensive health and social intervention through integrating HIV/AIDS into all other program.HASAB also took initiative to respond to others development issues of Bangladesh considering current priorities, future demand. In recent years, HASAB has gradually been expanding its scope of work to SRHR intervention & other health priorities, social & human rights issues, community development, community legal services to support socially excluded and marginalized communities.

HASAB’s core focus, is on HIV/AIDS and STI related issues which entails an wide range of integrative program related to HIV/AIDS with Reproductive Health, Gender, Human Rights and Social Development as cross cutting issues over arching across the high risk and bridging community.

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HASAB’s credentials include grant management, capacity building of partner NGOs both organizational and technical, to implement HIV interventions, HASAB, as a specialized agency in HIV/AIDS field, is highly rated by partners for its approach and support with sound financial, programme monitoring and evaluation system.

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